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We distribute and import wines that we love to drink. Whether it’s a traditionally made Barolo, or a natural wine made from an obscure varietal in Styria, we strive to bring you a product that’s unique, delicious, and that best reflects the terroir from which it hails. That said, we choose to work solely with small estates, vignerons, and importers that believe the best wines come from healthy grapes, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, fermented naturally, and carefully raised in the cellar without additives of any kind.

Our wines come from a diverse group of artisans with a deep connection to their land, history, and culture, which shine through each and every bottle of wine they produce. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to call many of these people our friends and to be able to share the fruits of their labor with you. They, along with our valued customers, are the reason why we do what we do.

One of the greatest joys for me in this business is getting to know people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a customer, a winemaker, or importer, we want to hear your story and we want to share our stories with you. It’s through wine that I have been so lucky to forge many meaningful relationships. My partners (Jenny & Francois and David Bowler) emerged from past relationships, and it’s truly been an honor to be able to collaborate with them on Plant Wines.

Everyone involved in helping to make Plant Wines are not just partners and customers, they are friends and family. We deeply care about everyone we work with, and those who share our passion for natural and delicious wine!

Steven Plant, Founder of Plant Wines

Steven Plant, Founder of Plant Wines

Steven Plant, Founder of Plant Wines

A New York native, Steven climbed the ranks of several high-end restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island, working along side some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the business. Steven developed his passion for wine in 2002 at the groundbreaking Lower East Side restaurant 71 Clinton Fresh Food. During his early years, Steven was introduced to a small group of passionate importers, winemakers, and sales reps that would greatly influence the way he thought about wine. Most notably, the small production wines from Kermit Lynch, the ‘new to the scene’ Natural wines from Jenny & Francois, and Louis/Dressner Selections.

After working as a wine buyer and sommelier, Steven left the restaurant industry in 2005 to join Jenny & Francois selections as a sales rep in the Brooklyn and Manhattan regions. Later, he joined the David Bowler team and worked as a Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan sales rep for almost a decade.

In 2015, Steven and his family moved to Richmond Virginia. It was here that Steven worked for two local wine distributors, building up their business throughout the D.C. and VA territories. After falling in love with Richmond (which isn’t hard to do!), he is now thrilled to be returning to his roots by distributing wine from his old friends and colleagues, Jenny & Francois Selections and David Bowler Wine.

When not talking about wine, Steven enjoys spending time with his wife and son. His hobbies include, exploring the great outdoors of Virginia, biking, cooking, listening to NPR, watching old movies at the Byrd Theatre, visiting the local farmer’s market, and his latest passion, baking bread.

Steven Plant, Founder of Plant Wines

Remy Samuels, Account Manager

Remy Samuels, Account Manager, D.C. & Northern Virginia

Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Remy fell into the wine world through her love of languages—it certainly seemed like the coolest way to use her French and Italian skills, but it wasn’t long before she knew it was more than that.

Remy spent several years as a buyer at a boutique retail wine shop championing the weird and the wonderful. She expanded the selection of natural wines, orange wines, and the most obscure grape varietals and regions, while always holding a soft spot for the beautifully-made French classics that first made her fall in love with wine.

Always eager to travel down the never-ending rabbit hole of wine knowledge, Remy passed the WSET Level 3 Advanced exam with distinction in 2015, and is on course to complete her WSET Diploma in 2019. In 2018, she worked harvest in France. Besides purple hands and an expanded knowledge of bizarre French idioms, she also gained a fuller appreciation of what goes on behind the scenes from vine to bottle.

Outside of work, you can usually find her conducting careful research into the best pupusas in Columbia Heights, trying to perfect her apple cider caramels, searching out local art, geeking out over her other great beverage love, mezcal, or simply perched on a barstool at one of her many favorite DC spots.

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