“From the Tank®” 3-Liter Bag-In-Box

When we created “From the Tank®”, we were determined to source the highest possible quality grapes, grown organically or sustainably and hand-harvested, made only with indigenous yeasts and lightly sulfured, just like all the other wines we work with. What we created remains to this day unique in the marketplace of wine. A wine that tastes very natural, that can be purchased at retail for the equivalent of $8-$10 per 750ml bottle, in packaging that reduces green-house emissions, and is easier to transport and serve than traditional glass bottles.

3-Liter bag-in-box is the most carbon efficient wine package & produces the least waste – with a 55% lower carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles in terms of energy needed for glass production and transportation, and 85% less landfill waste. Paperboard is easily recycled.

Lighter weight means reduced fossil fuel emissions.

The lightweight makes “From the Tank®” perfect for a picnic, a party, or simply to carry home and put in the refrigerator.

Bag-in-boxes last up to one month once opened, if stored in the refrigerator.

The vacuum-sealed pack inside the box keeps the wine fresh, so that you can drink a glass a night and avoid the waste that would come from a traditional bottle (ie regular glass bottles go bad in a few days).




Also available in Keg!

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6 x 3L per case

Age of Vines: 20 to 80 years

Yields: (25 hl/ha) only 2000 cases are annually produced

Soil: Red clay based and stone strewn

Varieties: 40% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 15% Carignan

Vinification Method: Hand harvested. No external yeast and no enzymes are employed during the winemaking process. The bunches are de-stemmed and the fruit undergoes fifteen days of maceration. The wine is stored in enamel-lined tanks, and is bagged and boxed on demand.

Tasting Note: Garnet in the glass with shimmering highlights. Elegant notes of smoky red fruit, violet, sweet herb and a note of baking chocolate. The palate is rich with ripe cherry and berry flavors, and a mineral note that is followed by supple acidity and velvety tannins. This is a very expressive red with a great concentration of fruit and yet it is never overly extracted. The wine finishes with floral notes and a dash of black pepper.


6 x 3L per case

Age of Vines: 10 to 11 years

Yields: 50 hl/ha

Pruning Method: Gobelet & Royat

Soil: Loess (A highly porous mixture of sand and clay)

Varieties: Chardonnay

Vinification Method: Vinified in tanks and aged three months in concrete.

Tasting Note: Pale yellow in the glass with a tart, fruity nose and dynamic mineral scents. The palate opens with crisp citrus and peach flavors that are boosted by vibrant acidity and heady minerality.


6 x 3L per case

Age of Vines: 21 yr. old Syrah, 40 yr. old Grenache

Yields: 50 hl/ha

Pruning Method: Gobelet & Royat

Soil: Old terrace (sandstone)

Varieties: 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah

Vinification Method: This rosé was racked by bleeding, this is done by opening the base of the vat while the wine is still light in color. The wine undergoes traditional vinification without clusters, and is aged in concrete vat with minimum sulfur.

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