“From the Tank®” — high quality natural wine at a very low price that’s good for the planet too!

“From the Tank®” was born out of the old school idea of going to the local winery with a big empty jug to fill up with easy-drinking juice. This is a tradition that stretches back for ages in France.

When we created “From the Tank®” we were determined to source the highest possible quality grapes, grown organically or sustainably and hand-harvested, made only with indigenous yeasts and lightly sulfured, just like all the other wines we work with. What we created remains to this day unique in the marketplace of wine. A wine that tastes very natural, that can be purchased at retail for the equivalent of $8-$10 per 750ml bottle, in packaging that reduces green-house emissions, and is easier to transport and serve than traditional glass bottles.

“From the Tank®” 3-Lite Bag-In-Box

The most carbon efficient wine package & produces the least waste – with a 55% lower carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles in terms of energy needed for glass production and transportation, and 85% less landfill waste.

“From the Tank®” Keg

We are pleased to serve From the Tank® in keg as well as box. The keg solution is ideal for the restaurant industry – no more dumping of open bottles at the end of the shift; perfect serving temperature with every glass; and efficiency behind the bar.

“From the Tank®” Press

Hailed as “Fabulous Boxed Wine” from Martha Stewart and being a Top Pick by Oprah Winfrey Magazine to being “Top of New York Time’s Box Wine Picks!”, From the Tank® has been gaining lots of press because of uniqueness in the marketplace of wine.

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